Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow Performance Featured In The April 2014 Issue of Performance & HotRod Business Magazine

The April 2014 issue of Performance & HotRod Business Magazine, features an article that focuses on popular products in the diesel market. Editors of this business-to-business publication interviewed several influential people in the diesel performance industry, including Matt Snow of Snow Performance. Snow was asked about the company's newest products that are driving the diesel performance industry, and much more. In the issue, Snow discussed the company's new MPG Max system and what the system does to improve fuel economy and performance on turbo-diesel engines. Read the story on Performance & HotRod Business' website. For more information on Snow Performance water-methanol injection systems for diesel performance, visit

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Snow Performance 2014 Mustang Makes 627 Rear-Wheel Horsepower

Snow Performance Mustang Makes 627 RWHP

Snow Performance’s 2014 GT-500 made 627 RWHP on pump gas. The testing was done at Colorado Speed Company’s Superflow dyno by driving stock super charger 28 percent over stock (2.4” upper along with a 10% lower).The result is up from 583 RWHP in bone stock form.

"This car continues to amaze us and has big potential," says Matt Snow, Snow Performance President. "The car has a very fat air/fuel curve from the factory and just two degrees of additional timing yields a 28 horsepower gain!" These test results and more will be in up coming issues of 5.0 Mustangs Magazine, along with future modifications that include Snow Performance's new Comp-One™ water-methanol injection system. For more information, visit

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Water Methanol Dyno Tests Can Be Misleading

When comparing water-methanol results from advertised dyno tests, it's important to understand how these tests are done and under what circumstances. For example, in a recent ad from Banks, their water-methanol testing on a 2006 Duramax diesel compared it's dyno figures with one from Snow Performance. "When you're looking at comparing water-methanol system dyno results, it's extremely difficult to know that the testing variables are the same," says Matt Snow, president at Snow Performance. "But at least make sure that the test results are making equal comparisons."

The dyno comparison in the Banks ad were not the same. The Banks testing included an aftermarket turbo upgrade and a custom tune required to achieve the advertised results. Snow Performance's water-methanol injection system performed a test on the same model year vehicle with a stock turbo and a performance tune. It's obvious the results are different, and would require anyone contemplating a water-methanol purchase to do more research. "Don't rely on dyno comparisons alone," says Snow. "Dyno tests are always conducted under the best conditions and circumstances to promote the highest results. Look for quality products and results from third-party testing that are consistent. That's the only way you're going to find the right product for your particular application, and be happy with it down the road." For more information on Snow Performance water-methanol injection systems, visit

Snow Performance Releases New 50-State Legal MPG-MAX™ Diesel System

In response to requests from California customers with street driven diesel trucks, the popular MPG-MAX™ water-methanol injection system from Snow Performance, is available in 50-state legal form. 

The 50-state legal MPG-MAX™ system includes:
1. All the robust components as Snow’s other MPG-MAX™ systems including the class 
    leading 300 psi Extreme Environment pump.

2. All the necessary components to make 50 state legal.

3. Comprehensive installation instructions for all makes of diesel pick-ups including 1999 
    to  2014 Dodge, Ford, and GM.

About The MMPG-MAX™ Water-Methanol Injection System:
Injecting water into a diesel? Rudolf Diesel himself had water injection as part of his original engine patent for more efficient combustion.  The MPG-MAX™ is the only system proven to increase fuel economy in your diesel.  Special mapping and the most sophisticated 2d digital controller available result in an increase in combustion efficiency which provides more power without injecting more diesel fuel (proven 4% gains in fuel economy using water only* (DOE 2013 test using ftp driving loop).

Key Points
1. Proven in Commercial trucking and independent lab studies (call for your copy).

2. Will not adversely affect PM filter (particulate matter filter) like most other power 

3. Does not leave a “signature” on vehicles computer so warranty isn’t jeopardized.

4. Comes complete with large 7 gal. reservoir for a truly complete system.

5. The most advanced system on the market – true 2d mapping/ 2- nozzles controlled 
    independently for smooth power always.

6. Fuel economy, Power, and 250ºf lower EGT’s!

7. Dash mounted module – displays real time – no need for gauges.

Snow Performance has been engineering the most powerful water-methanol systems for over 12 years – “the water-methanol injection experts™” For more information, contact Snow Performance at 866-365-2762 or visit