Monday, June 29, 2015

Snow Performance Competing in 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack brings high powered cars from all over the world to exhibit on a 1/2 mile airstrip to see who can achieve the highest maximum speed. Snow Performance attended bringing Matt Snows 1,100 HP 93 Cobra running solely on meth and pump fuel! Beating Lamborghinis, GTRs, Mclarrens and everything in between. Gotta love a closed down airstrip with some of the nicest cars in the world!
Caption: Snow Performance racing rig servicing Matt Snows 1,100 HP F2 Pro charged Winston cup motor 93 cobra.
Caption: Over 8 GTRs came out to the evenr to exhibit just how quick a all wheel drive vehicle can launch.

Caption: 2 918 Porches came to the event making the price tag of the other super cars in attendance dismal. 

Caption: 2,000 HP Lamborghini stole the show running 4 turbos with a maximum speed of 223 MPH at 5,800 feet elevation.