Thursday, March 31, 2016

Johnny Lightning Is The First Mustang Cobrajet In The 7’s Using Snow Performance’s Stage-2 Boost Cooler®

Johnny Lightning is the First Mustang Cobrajet in the 7’s using Snow Performance’s Stage-2 Boost Cooler®
In the first time out for 2016, Johnny lightning wheel standed his way to a 7.96 sec ¼ mile in Florida. He was able to do it with the addition of a Water-Methanol Injection system  by Snow Performance. “This car has always been in the 8’s. The Snow injection cut a good 2-tenths from our time and a full 90ºf from our charge air temps - It works!”
Amazingly, this was accomplished using 100% water. Even more could have been attained by adding 50% methanol to the Snow Performance system. To view actual product used click on link:
Some details:
1. 2013 Ford Mustang Cobrajet
2. Kennebell Supercharger running 40psig.
3. 1/4 mile time: 7.96@ 176mph (previous best was 8.20 sec @174)
4. Water-methanol system:  Snow Performance New Stage-2 ( part # 210), running 3-nozzles and “700” pump upgrade.
5. Fluid used: 100% water
6. IAT temps – Before: 230ºf, After water injection: 140ºf.

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