Thursday, April 14, 2016

News Flash!

2012 Mustang  E85 Car Makes  50HP More With the Addition Of “The New” Stage-2 Boost Cooler® Water-Methanol Injection System!
The question of “what happens when you put water-methanol injection on top of E85?” was addressed recently at Rob Williams Racing in Denver CO. The test vehicle was a 2012 Mustang equipped with a 5.0 Aluminator crate engine and a Ysi trim Vortech running 18 lbs of boost.
Since the car had relatively high static compression ( 11:1) and boost, even with fresh E85, timing peaked at 18º on the non- water/meth runs before knock occurred. Rear wheel horse power peaked at 914rwhp with just E85. With water-methanol’s cooling  and octane enhancement, peak timing went to 22º which resulted in an additional 50hp increasing peak to 964rwhp.
Interestingly, more power could have been wrung out with changes in air fuel ratio which proved extremely rich during the water-methanol runs.

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