Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hot Rod Magazine Showing How To Beat Hellcatts With SP Water-Methanol Injection!

Want the most from your Mopar? We do too! Click the below article to view Hot Rod Magazine reporting on this beutiful Dodge Challenger and Snow Performance Water-Methanol Injection. This beast not only beats Hellcats down the track but does so with increased HP and cooler IATs from the Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler! Interested in cooling your Challenger down? Give us a call at 719-633-3811 to talk to a water-methanol expert or click the below link to view the exact product on this build!



There seems to some contriversy with our customers wiether to go to E85 or water-methanol injection like you can only do one or the other. Do both!!! In this particular install the customer decideed to not only run E85 but water-methanol as well increasing the safety and cooling of the E85 in the gas tank with tremendous performance benifits. When in doubt use both!

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  1. People that limit themselves are often misinformed about options. With all the technology available, why not make as power as you can without hurting anything or anybody?

    Today's car are finely tuned from the factory just ask any power train engineer. They have to contend with much more than how much power is generated at WOT.

    That makes tuners job easy and those who specialize in tuning OEM engine control systems are given too much credit frankly; the heavy lifting has been done for them already.

    I say use it all. For myself using E85 is not nearly as convenient for me as it is for some other people.

    But see no problem with -

    Turbocharge + Nitrous Oxide + E85 + Water Injection
    Turbocharged + Nitrous Oxide + MS109 + Water Injection
    Supercharged + Nitrous Oxide + E85 + Water Injection
    Supercharged + Nitrous Oxide + MS109 + Water Injection